Friday, May 30, 2008

so many much fun!

It's been a big week for Lucy...1st doctor's appointment, 1st bath, and, most importantly, 1st trip to Target!  After only one week it feels like she's been in our family forever.  We are still in FL and everybody here is just loving having her around.  As you can see, the Fulmers have just integrated her right in to their daily routine.  We hope to have clearance to head home by Monday...we'll see!  But in the meantime - we're still having a ball in FL with all our friends!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pics of Lucy Love

Lucy is loving life here at the Fulmers...with all the excitement she may never want to leave!  Gran and Papa came down from SC for a couple of days to provide plenty of cuddle time.  And our friends Chris and Julie Wolf (Julie is the one who works for our adoption agency down here and adopted both of her children) along with their little ones, Christian and Audrey, stopped by too!  As you can see from the pics, Audrey was fascinated by Lucy...someone who is actually tinier than she is!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Leaving with Lucy

As Joey said - we could have never quite imagined how joyful and yet how difficult yesterday would be.  Everything really went smoothly with our paperwork and the lengthy process we all had to go through with our adoption caseworker but it wasn't without tears - a LOT of tears.  Every single one of us was crying as we said our goodbyes...everyone except Lucy...still so fresh from God I know that she must have felt His touch and his comfort as all those around her fell apart.  But even as we fell apart we knew that in the next instant God would begin putting us back together and our lives would be stronger and of greater use to Him because of it.  

As Joey and I drove to the Fulmers' house in Winter Garden we kept staring at the car seat with that little precious bundle inside...they actually let us take her home!!  It took a little while for that to sink in.

Since her homecoming here at our home away from home Lucy has been loved, loved, and loved some more!  I promise to post some pics tonight or tomorrow of her being hugged and kissed and cuddled by the Fulmer crowd as well as my parents who came this morning.  Our time today with her has been so sweet that I've almost forgotten about the first sleepless night that we just experienced : )

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last day with Amy

Today the three of us spend our last full day with's already been full of laughs and tears.  I know tomorrow will be so bittersweet - the beginning of our life with Lucy but the end of our regular communications with Amy and her family (who we've grown to love).  Please pray for all of us as we say our goodbyes at noon tomorrow.  Pray especially for Amy that she would not feel her heart being ripped away but instead that she would feel joy and peace about the decision that she has made.  I know God will protect her.  She is so excited to receive all the pictures and notes we will send her and I think that brings her great comfort.  
Next week we'll spend down in FL and then we can't wait to bring Lucy home to meet everyone!  Once again - I apologize that we have not been very accessible these past couple of days.  Adoption is indeed a unique situation that requires 110% of our energy and it is so important that we be sensitive and respectful of Amy during this time.  We have spent most of the time here with her and wanted to give her our undivided attention rather than being on the phone all the time.  We promise to catch up with everyone when we get back and LOVE all the precious messages and prayers you have sent our way - keep 'em coming!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ready and waiting for Lucy...

Welcome to the world...

Lucy's Here!!!

I can't believe it...she's really here!!  I can not express the power all of your prayers had for us today.  Joey and I prayed with Amy and her family in the hospital lobby this morning and as we went to check in there was truly a peace that passes all understanding surrounding us.  Just like the rest of our adoption journey our experience today was truly evidence of divine purpose in our lives.  

We were all at ease as we went in and out of Amy's room keeping her company until labor was induced.  Once she was induced it took her only a couple of hours to really begin progressing.  The hour before the epidural was pretty rough...I distinctly remember one instance when Amy told me I should never try this myself and to "keep adopting!!"  Post-epidural, however, was smooth sailing.  Once we got the okay that she was fully dilated Amy was ready to go!  It took only 8 minutes of pushing before Lucy entered the world - go Amy!!!  She was seriously superwoman!  Of course I was in tears when I first saw her sweet face and then had the honor of being the first one to hold her (Amy's request : ).  I will never forget the moment Joey was able to come in just a few minutes later...his eyes were searching the room for her and as soon as he spotted her he broke down too.  We were so overwhelmed with joy.  And as Joey said, "when I held her for the first time - I knew she was mine."

So...the details...

Lucy Joanna Maxon - 12:08pm - 7 pounds, 6 ounces - 20 1/2 inches 

The entire rest of the day was truly a gift.  We spent it all together - me, Joey, Amy, her parents, and Lucy.  Amy enjoyed holding Lucy from time to time but it made my heart overflow seeing that her true joy was in watching me and Joey with our new baby girl.  Later in the day when I had been holding her for a while I asked Amy if she wanted a turn.  "No," she said, "I'm okay.  I really like watching you with her."  Our "Amy Jo" - what an angel she has been to us...

Headed to the Hospital

Well...I think we got bits and pieces of sleep last night.  I feel well-rested at least (maybe that's pure adrenaline : ).  We are getting ready to head over to the hospital in just a little bit.  Our plan is to meet Amy and her parents in the parking lot at 5:40am so that we can all pray together before getting checked in.  Here we go...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Florida

After an almost 9 hour drive - we made it!  Writing to you from the Holiday Inn-Lakeland.  This morning brought a false alarm...just as we were loading up the car to leave Amy's mom called to tell me that she had just gotten a call that Amy was having contractions and had been taken to the hospital.  We put ourselves into turbo mode and hurried to get out of the door.  About 30 minutes down the road Jennifer (Amy's mom) called and said that the contractions weren't steady enough so the doctor sent her back to Teen Challenge.  I'm glad her body is already going into "labor mode"...I hope and pray that it will make tomorrow easier on her.  I'm also glad that Lucy waited for us (and Amy's parents) because I was a little worried that I wouldn't make it in time to see her first breath in this world : )  We're still on for tomorrow morning at 6am - so it feels a little bit like Christmas Eve around here for us.  Thanks for all the calls, texts, emails, facebook comments...please forgive me if I don't get back to all of you right away...but I will at some point.  My phone service is spotty around here.  Going to go now and try to get at least a little rest for the big day!  Hopefully the next post will come with a pic of Lucy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New blog site...

I know that our old blog was sometimes difficult to access so now that we are moving into the big weekend I wanted to make sure I had a place that I could easily update all of you about things.  If you want to check out our old blog and all the stories leading up to this point visit:

Yes...that's 2 maxons and 2 blogs...hopefully it will work for you!

In case you haven't heard - Amy is being induced THIS FRIDAY!  I can't believe that Lucy will be here with us in only a couple of days!  It's so weird to be driving around with a car seat in my car.  Joey and I have been busy getting ourselves ready to head down to FL tomorrow morning.  We will be in Lakeland Thursday - Sunday and then, assuming there are no complications, Lucy and Amy will be discharged on Sunday.  After discharge we will be able to load Lucy in the car and take her to Orlando where we will stay with our very brave friends Kimberly and Zack who will welcome us into their family of 5, making it a family of 8, for the week.  Once all of our paperwork is processed we will be able to cross state lines and bring Lucy home sweet home!

It's going to be a weekend full of emotions for all of us so we are trying to get as much rest as we can and prepare our hearts for all that lies ahead.  One thing is for sure...we are completely covered in prayer (as are Amy and her family).  We trust God with all of this...