Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last day with Amy

Today the three of us spend our last full day with's already been full of laughs and tears.  I know tomorrow will be so bittersweet - the beginning of our life with Lucy but the end of our regular communications with Amy and her family (who we've grown to love).  Please pray for all of us as we say our goodbyes at noon tomorrow.  Pray especially for Amy that she would not feel her heart being ripped away but instead that she would feel joy and peace about the decision that she has made.  I know God will protect her.  She is so excited to receive all the pictures and notes we will send her and I think that brings her great comfort.  
Next week we'll spend down in FL and then we can't wait to bring Lucy home to meet everyone!  Once again - I apologize that we have not been very accessible these past couple of days.  Adoption is indeed a unique situation that requires 110% of our energy and it is so important that we be sensitive and respectful of Amy during this time.  We have spent most of the time here with her and wanted to give her our undivided attention rather than being on the phone all the time.  We promise to catch up with everyone when we get back and LOVE all the precious messages and prayers you have sent our way - keep 'em coming!