Friday, May 23, 2008

Lucy's Here!!!

I can't believe it...she's really here!!  I can not express the power all of your prayers had for us today.  Joey and I prayed with Amy and her family in the hospital lobby this morning and as we went to check in there was truly a peace that passes all understanding surrounding us.  Just like the rest of our adoption journey our experience today was truly evidence of divine purpose in our lives.  

We were all at ease as we went in and out of Amy's room keeping her company until labor was induced.  Once she was induced it took her only a couple of hours to really begin progressing.  The hour before the epidural was pretty rough...I distinctly remember one instance when Amy told me I should never try this myself and to "keep adopting!!"  Post-epidural, however, was smooth sailing.  Once we got the okay that she was fully dilated Amy was ready to go!  It took only 8 minutes of pushing before Lucy entered the world - go Amy!!!  She was seriously superwoman!  Of course I was in tears when I first saw her sweet face and then had the honor of being the first one to hold her (Amy's request : ).  I will never forget the moment Joey was able to come in just a few minutes later...his eyes were searching the room for her and as soon as he spotted her he broke down too.  We were so overwhelmed with joy.  And as Joey said, "when I held her for the first time - I knew she was mine."

So...the details...

Lucy Joanna Maxon - 12:08pm - 7 pounds, 6 ounces - 20 1/2 inches 

The entire rest of the day was truly a gift.  We spent it all together - me, Joey, Amy, her parents, and Lucy.  Amy enjoyed holding Lucy from time to time but it made my heart overflow seeing that her true joy was in watching me and Joey with our new baby girl.  Later in the day when I had been holding her for a while I asked Amy if she wanted a turn.  "No," she said, "I'm okay.  I really like watching you with her."  Our "Amy Jo" - what an angel she has been to us...