Monday, May 26, 2008

Leaving with Lucy

As Joey said - we could have never quite imagined how joyful and yet how difficult yesterday would be.  Everything really went smoothly with our paperwork and the lengthy process we all had to go through with our adoption caseworker but it wasn't without tears - a LOT of tears.  Every single one of us was crying as we said our goodbyes...everyone except Lucy...still so fresh from God I know that she must have felt His touch and his comfort as all those around her fell apart.  But even as we fell apart we knew that in the next instant God would begin putting us back together and our lives would be stronger and of greater use to Him because of it.  

As Joey and I drove to the Fulmers' house in Winter Garden we kept staring at the car seat with that little precious bundle inside...they actually let us take her home!!  It took a little while for that to sink in.

Since her homecoming here at our home away from home Lucy has been loved, loved, and loved some more!  I promise to post some pics tonight or tomorrow of her being hugged and kissed and cuddled by the Fulmer crowd as well as my parents who came this morning.  Our time today with her has been so sweet that I've almost forgotten about the first sleepless night that we just experienced : )