Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my excuses

okay...I know I have been super slack about updating the blog but I have a couple of really good excuses.  #1 - we live so far out in the country that our wireless options are no have to drive "into town" to get on-line.  #2 - I HAVE A 3 1/2 WEEK OLD!!  Come on people...sleep deprivation makes it a little difficult to put coherent sentences together, much less coordinate the pictures to go with them! any free time I do have I much prefer watching Lucy play in her bouncy seat, singing to her (she doesn't care that I wouldn't make it through the first audition of American Idol), and squeezing in some QT with my wonderful hubby.  So...we are alive and well...very well.  And here are a few pictures in no particular order for your viewing pleasure.  She's still such a cutie, isn't she?!?!