Saturday, December 13, 2008

and thanksgiving...finally...

i know, i know...i haven't updated our blog in over a month. i'm sure all 3 or 4 of you who check our site regularly are ecstatic to see that i have something besides halloween pictures on here now!! i figured that with christmas right around the corner i should get caught up with thanksgiving first. lucy has about a bazillion christmas outfits that her adoring grandparents have given her so soon i will be uploading an entire christmas fashion extravaganza.

lucy enjoyed her first taste of turkey...she devoured the turkey rice dinner (prepared especially for her by gerber) just like everything else we put in her mouth.

in addition to some turkey day shots i am including a picture of lucy in her favorite new sleep position. i think i need to buy the girl a sleep mask because every time she's wearing a hat and starts to get sleepy she pulls it down over her eyes and drifts off so peacefully...she does it with a hood too : )

other important news...first tooth is in and we witness new hair growth every day!