Sunday, August 9, 2009

first of credits go to my friend corinne (that's her daughter, dylann, with lucy)...y'all know i can't take pictures like that!

some random reflections after attending my 1st 'she speaks' conference...

1 ½ days FULL of writer/speaker information overload…feeling inspired, overwhelmed, humbled, confident, guilty, free, stuck, tired, energized (but most of all…grateful).  

spent time in the prayer room repenting of the bitterness and resentment i have been carrying in my heart lately.  asked God to replace it with a grateful heart and a spirit of joy and humility (will need to continue asking repeatedly until this becomes habit again).  requested specific direction on where to go from here (even though I know it’s not that easy).

just finished reading some SARK for the first time which gave me the last little push i needed to actually sit down and write instead of busying myself and only THINKING about writing (and swearing i don’t have time and am not focused enough at the moment to get anything worthwhile done).  remembering ‘stream of consciousness’ writing from mrs. brown’s 9th grade english class and all the ‘brainstorming’ i did in PROBE during elementary school…  again – grateful – grateful that my mind has at least been trained somewhat to bend and flex and be fluid and override my desire to wait until i can get things 'just right' (a.k.a procrastination…or is it perfectionism…or is it both…or maybe just laziness).

and finally...'EL' - strong one - who God is proving to be in my life right now.  at 6 1/2 months pregnant the daily grind really does seem like a GRIND most days but God keeps reminding me to rely on his strength and not my own...

I am the Lord, the God of all humankind. There is, indeed, nothing too difficult for me.  ~Jeremiah 32:27