Saturday, October 31, 2009

the gift of time...

our little man still hasn't arrived yet. apparently he has decided to fall right into line with a serious family history of late babies. we are embracing the 'waiting period'. there are few times in your life when you have your schedule completely cleared and can wake up each morning simply awaiting what the day holds. this is our world right now and it is truly a gift. it has been a sweet time of reconnection for me and joey and a priceless opportunity to savor every moment with lucy (who seems to grow up minute by minute). our days have been filled with family meals together (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!), impromptu trips to the playground, visits with family and friends who we normally don't see enough of...and bedtime routine is now a family affair (with all three of us squeezed on lucy's little twin bed for stories and prayers). tonight lucy (in her halloween costume/clemson game day attire) took full advantage of some last minute undivided attention from her uncle robert and the rest of our family...

so...yes - God, i do eagerly await the arrival of our tiny boy and pray that you would deliver him to us safely. but also i thank you for knowing what we need and when we need it. we have truly been blessed in the waiting...

PSALM 27: 14 ~ Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Friday, October 9, 2009

eating figs in the driveway with granny

this is certainly a season of joy and celebration for our family.

i write to you from a hotel room in charleston where joey, lucy, and i have traveled to witness the wedding of joey's sister, lindsay. we love lindsay and we love her soon to be husband - will. we also love being married. for these reasons we are overjoyed to be spending this precious time with them and supporting them as they begin this crazy journey of discovering what it means to be husband and wife.

it's an amazing season of life for us...being married (which despite it's challenges continues to be the most rewarding, beautiful, ever-changing, ever-growing relationship i've ever know...i truly adore my husband)...raising a sweet, fun-loving, adventurous spirit we call 'doodlebug' (a.k.a 16 month old lucy)...and preparing for the arrival of our 2nd little one - oliver - due to arrive in a couple of weeks (so really...any day now...but hopefully not until we get home from charleston).

with all the BIG things going on around us i think it is extra important that we continue to pay attention to the little joys...the momentary gifts God hands us daily. i had one of those moments a couple of days ago when i was sitting in the driveway at my granny's house.

it was late in the afternoon and the weather was crisp (hinting at fall). lucy and i had stopped by for a short visit on our way to the grocery store. granny and i sat in the iron chairs under her carport and watched as lucy wandered around barefoot looking at leaves and sticks and other highly interesting objects.

my granny (also 'lucy') had just witnessed the burial of her sister earlier in the day - my great-aunt evelyn. i sensed she was somewhat saddened but peaceful and i hoped that merely our presence was lifting her spirits (if they needed that). she mentioned the service and seemed pleased with how it had gone...i used this opportunity to gauge her feelings on the matter. we both agreed - a little tearily - my aunt (granny's sister) had been freed from great pain and distress that often comes upon our earthly lives...she was now much happier than any of us could imagine. i was reminded of the faith of my family and how grateful i am for that.

in between digging in the dirt and bringing tiny flowers over that she had picked for her great-grandmother, lucy remembered the figs. in her very creative (though sometimes difficult to decipher) communication style she indicated to me that she needed some help getting over to get a fig from granny's backyard. when i 'got it' and asked if she wanted me to take her over to the fig tree she nodded enthusiastically and off we went. we returned to sit with granny and eat freshly picked figs.

i have never enjoyed figs as much as i do with my daughter. they have a brand new appeal to me after watching her excitement as she scans the branches, spots a ripe one, watches me pluck it, without hesitation takes a big juicy bite, and then grins in utter delight. in that moment i watched her face and then glanced over at granny's face too...i saw the same delight. i wished that there were someone hiding in the bushes who would quietly snap a picture of that moment so that i could hang it on my refrigerator forever. i knew that was not the case so instead i closed my eyes and tried hard to make an imprint in my memory and vowed to write it down so as not to here it kodak moment in words...