Thursday, January 21, 2010

potty time

too tired to write anything really thought-provoking tonight but did want to share some of the latest happenings around our house...lucy 'playing' with oliver and the recent obsession with the potty...
i think the only other time i uploaded a video to our blog was when lucy was about 4 months old. she was showing her silly side even then...this video further proves that our girl is one fun-loving little mama! even though 'real' potty training is still a little ways away lucy is definitely showing some interest in all things related to poop. one of her favorite christmas gifts this year was a book she received from her aunt erin and uncle will called 'where's the poop?' (if you have young kids you MUST get this book!). you can see...between trying to figure out this potty thing and entertaining her little brother...lucy definitely has her hands full (and so do we : )