Wednesday, February 3, 2010


first of all...the picture has nothing to do with the post...i just wanted everybody to see that my son looks really good in clemson orange and he appears to already be cheering for the tigers...

i took a vacation day today...didn't actually go anywhere (except to the doctor's office to determine if the mucus balls my son has been hacking up were anything to be concerned about...apparently not). even though i wasn't lying on a tropical beach somewhere (i wish) i still think this day did in fact meet the criteria for 'vacation'... particularly when you consider this definition -
the action of leaving something one previously occupied.

check! did that. for the past 24 hours i stepped out of the fast lane i've been occupying.

every once in a while (ok...let's be honest...probably once every couple of weeks) my life starts to feel like its moving a bit too quickly for me to manage. this was one of those weeks. so instead of freaking out and getting ticked off at everybody around me (even though the pace of my life is TOTALLY my own fault) i took a vacation. and here's what i did (in addition to the exciting doctor's office outing that i already mentioned)...
~ sat down with my entire family of four for breakfast AT THE TABLE (well...actually oliver was ON the table in his bouncy chair but you know what i mean)
~ laid on my bed with joey for nearly 20 minutes and watched with awe as our 3 month old held up his head all by himself and repeatedly grabbed at a little giraffe toy...fascinating...
~ dusted the window sills in my bedroom for the first time since we moved in our house 3 years ago
~ went out to lunch at a real restaurant (with yummy food that i did not have to cook) and watched my 1 1/2 year old down her adult-size meal of eggs, toast, and homefries (plus my pickle and 1/2 of the cheese out of my wrap)
~ stared at our newly carpeted stairs for at least 10 minutes thinking of how cozy and kid-friendly they look compared to the former hardwood ones (practicality wins over beauty once again)
~ crawled in lucy's tree tent for some sweet mommy-daughter time of reading books, tickling, and just generally being silly
~ made a list in my mind of my favorite words lucy has's the top 3 (in no particular order) - peekboo (peek-a-boo), atside (outside), jesus
~ ate cheap (but delicious) steaks for dinner with my grillmaster husband after the kids went to sleep ( uninterrupted meal...divine)
~ did not open up my laptop until after dinner (and american idol) which point i...
~ wasted almost 2 hours on the internet reading blogs, researching orphan stuff, crying over adoption videos ('s not a waste...just a luxury)
~ spent quiet, uninterrupted time in focused prayer for my best friend and the tiny baby in her belly, burundi (africa), BLOOM, my husband, my children...and other important things on my heart right now
~ remembered what 'sabbath' really means (whether it's observed on a sunday or a random weekday off from work) 'remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy...' ~exodus 20:8 that's what i call a good vacation...

"When in faith I decide not to work...God makes things happen - probably thousands of small, hardly noticeable things - so that I come out ahead..." ~from 'Sabbath Keeping' by Baab