Saturday, April 10, 2010

the hunt continues...

i am super excited about rolling out a new blog but i still haven't landed on the perfect name.  i've gotten some interesting options via facebook.  here are a few (in no particular order)...
GOLFING WITH COWS AND JESUS (i didn't say i was actually considering all of these)
let me know if you like any of the ones listed or if you have other suggestions.  there is still a basket full of farm fresh eggs waiting on the creative genius who comes up with the winning idea.

a few things to keep in mind:
(1)  i don't think i want to put the name 'maxon' in the address (but i'm still trying to decide)

(2)  my family is super lucky to live out in a quiet little piece of the woods just south of charlotte, nc.  thanks to my brother (this is him pictured with my almost 2 year old) we get to taste a little bit of the farm life.  we have chickens, ducks, cows, bees, and gardens galore.  our love for the outdoors and our country life will definitely be a big part of the blog.  and farmer robert (believe me - he's a character) will often be a featured guest.

(3)  my heart is burdened for the plight of orphans in our country and around the world.  we adopted our spunky little toddler, Lucy, almost 2 years ago and during that process i felt a calling to do something more to improve the lives of orphans.  my friend, amy (check her cool family out at, and i started an organization called BLOOM Project ( to promote adoption and the care of orphans around the world.  you will definitely hear a lot about orphans and adoption on the new blog.

(4) i am a proud mama of two (lucy - 23 months and oliver - 5 months) and wife to the most patient, kind, and handsome husband - joey.  he's a golfer (yes...this is for real his job...right now he primarily teaches and does club work - -  but he used to play for a living...our 1st year of marriage we traveled around the country in an RV and i added the job of 'caddy' to my resume).  all of this is good material for the new blog, too.

(5)  as far as i am concerned the trinity is amazing...God, my Father, proves faithful again and again in my life.  there's no place i'd rather be than on the 'wild goose chase' that is life led by the Holy Spirit.  and - well...Jesus...i love him...he gave his life for me and every day i surrender mine to him.   hopefully most of my posts reflect these beliefs is some way or another.  

so that's a lot of information to put into one name...see my struggle???  obviously i probably won't be able to capture all of that in one word or one phrase but maybe that gives you some inspiration...let the naming competition continue...