Thursday, May 6, 2010


i've noticed this trend in blogging where people proudly display the healthy gourmet meals that they prepare for their families.  i thought i should jump on the bandwagon and start posting some of the gourmet meals i slave over in my kitchen...'s the tricky part that i want to give you a heads up on...

...make sure that you use the 'sauce' packet first to mix in with the beef and noodles.  the 'topping' packet is mixed separately and poured over everything at the end.  i know the instructions indicate this but it can sometimes be tricky.  gourmet cooking is tricky.

my friend, mentor, and cooking icon - carol - is cringing right now.  

seriously...if you make hambu*ger helper (or the generic - panbu*ger partner - which sometimes makes an appearance on our dinner table) don't be ashamed.  we all know that in life important things come up and the gourmet meal has to be put on the 'back burner'.  i wouldn't recommend this meal every night of the week but my family does get a taste of it a few times per year when i'm desperate.  they never complain.

and just to prove that i really do value nutrition and yummy tasting food...this is actually the most recent meal i made...
it tasted delicious and was super easy to make (and as an added bonus - it looks pretty : ).  it's a variation of the salmon with cucumber dill salad found here.

what are some of your latest culinary adventures?