Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i know i'm a few days late on the 'mother' topic but i took a bit of a technology break on sunday so that i could fully embrace my motherhood.  i hope all you amazing mommies received countless little reminders of the joy that you give and receive in this role that is uniquely yours.  this lucky mama felt celebrated all weekend long by my own mom, my husband, my kids, and many other family and friends.  i get extra loved this time of year because my birthday always falls within a few days of  mother's day.  

sunday morning, after much prompting from her daddy, lucy grasped the concept that it was mother's day and repeatedly wished me 'happy mommy day' (awwww...seriously...melts a mama's heart!).  i think it was majorly confusing when she woke up the next day to find her daddy prompting her to wish mommy 'happy birthday'...she seemed to get it and passed on lots of birthday wishes throughout the day but eventually it all started to run together so she was just running around saying - 'happy mommy!'.
yes, sweet lucy, this is one happy mommy!

several months ago i wrote this post which mentioned a little bit about how precious lucy's birthmother is to me...i think of her with particular fondness this time of year...