Sunday, July 11, 2010

beach babe

between reorganizing my laundry room {i will hopefully be unveiling the 'before and after' of this minor miracle in the next couple of weeks} and staying on high alert for potty training accidents, i haven't had a lot of time to fool around with my camera.

i'm still trying to figure out how to really use my new nikon coolpix to it's full potential (a.k.a. getting out of 'easy auto' mode)...i'm hoping a little training from my camera saavy friend erin will do the trick.  i'm attending one of her 'picture-taking for idiots' workshops this weekend (she doesn't actually call it that but i'm hoping that's what it actually is).

in the least i have finally downloaded some of these shots from our beach trip 2 weeks ago...amazing what some good natural light will do for ya...

{so much going on in that pretty little curly head...can't you just see the wonder all over her face?}