Friday, July 16, 2010

oliver's smooth moves...

DISCLAIMER: this post contains some statements indicating how brilliantly wonderful we believe our son is...i recognize that this is simply the opinion of his father and myself and that many other proud parents have bragged on much more impressive feats than this...sorry...he's my kid and i think both of my kids are pretty fabulous (and at 8 months it's sometimes a stretch to identify greatness)

attention parents (like us) who are too cheap to buy video monitors ~ 
aren't you always curious how your kids get into some of the positions you find them in when you enter their rooms?  for some time now we have been finding oliver sitting up and playing in his crib after his naps.  last week we finally saw for the first time how he managed that.  since this video was shot he probably makes this move dozens of times a day...and as he's mastered it he makes it look pretty easy.  all i can say is this dude has some serious strength and flexibility.  i think he could be a yoga instructor. we first recognized his giftedness at his 1 week doctor's visit when he rolled over (TWICE) on the examination table.  when i told my mom she reminded me that one of my grandaddy's (oliver's great grandaddy) many nicknames was 'snake hips'...hmmmm...i'm hoping that one doesn't stick.