Thursday, August 5, 2010

my obsession {it could definitely be worse}

first of all - hello from the beach!  this will be a short post because i have a beach babe who can't stand to be in the house long...
this is her telling me she's ready to go BACK out
 ...this way {just in case i needed clarification}......and keep in mind that this was just after we spent the entire day out there and had just gotten showered and changed...anyway, back to today's post...

there have been times {during my pre-kid days} when i have been accused of having an obsession with reading.  these days i try to squeeze in a page or two whenever i can - during naps, in waiting rooms, the wee hours of the morning or night...  so it sometimes takes me months to finish a book {or even a chapter}.  lately i have been making it a point to schedule more 'squeeze in' time for cracking my books {you know i've always got multiple ones going at once}.  

a couple of things i'm reading right now...
The Love Dare  
...which you can find out more about on our love dare blog...
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life
...yes - you may have heard me first reference this book over a month ago but, as i said, it sometimes takes months...  {i also, amazingly, snuck in a complete novel by jodi picoult over the past couple of weeks so this one was sorta put on hold for a bit}

...anyway...i was thinking today about why i love to read so much {as i was underlining the bazillionth 'highlight worthy' statement in don miller's book}.  for me - reading=learning - and i guess my obsession is really more with learning than with reading...i've just found that reading is an awfully good way to learn.  the fibers of my life are strengthened and enriched by the new perspectives i gain from reading...i really try to keep my level of ignorance to a minimum {but of course i still have a long way to go}.

so a bit of new perspecitive from don miller today  - 
'...i realized how much of our lives are spent trying to avoid conflict.  Half of the commercials on television are selling us something that will make life easier.  Part of me wonders if our stories aren't being stolen by the easy life.'
my response?  protect my story from being stolen. take a few steps down the hard road when led that way.  inconvenience myself.  spend some time really working through some of those nasty deep-rooted issues i have instead of making excuses or just grabbing an extra large cup of caffeine for comfort.  go ahead and book that trip to haiti to be with the orphans my heart desires to care for.  experience their lives without 3 square meals, without shelter, without a change of clothes, without a hair dryer, without drive-thrus... 

what's your response?