Sunday, November 7, 2010

the gift of an hour

today will be a busy day.  when you work at a church you find your sabbath on other days...not sundays.  
there is a lot of work to be done on sundays.  
in addition to my regular preschool ministry duties i am also taking some time today to meet with parents who will be dedicating their children at a special service next week {i love supporting parents as they begin the journey of teaching their kids to know and love jesus}.  
i am teaching at our student ministry gathering tonight {let's see how this resident preschool expert handles a room full of teenagers...yikes}.  
and finally, i am helping new charlotte observe orphan sunday along with hundreds of other churches around the world {i think you know my heart on this one!}.

as i was getting ready for bed last night i thought of all the responsibilities ahead of me today and i began to feel overwhelmed.  all of these areas of ministry are important to me but i started to question if i could handle all of these responsibilities on one single day.  {not to mention my kids and husband are not granting me a vacation day from my duties as mom and wife}  

God reminded me of the verse i am teaching our preschoolers this month - 
'my God will meet all your needs' -philippians 4:19

and he did something else...he gave me an extra hour!  what?!?!  you got one too?!?!  wow...isn't that awesome?  for a few brief moments this morning i am showered and ready and able to spend time in prayer and preparation for my day.  {thankfully when he granted me this extra hour he didn't tell my kids...they are still snoozing...}

this morning i prayed for my hurried heart...that it would slow down and be filled with his peace.
for the families that i serve alongside at new charlotte...that they would experience his strength in their weakness as parents and spouses.
for the fatherless around the world {and in particular the ones whose faces i just saw and touched in haiti last month}...that they would feel our Father's love for them today.
for rachel and the haitian mommies and all the other precious people who serve the orphans of haiti...that their spirits would be renewed and their lives blessed beyond measure. hour has come and gone...the kids are calling {mommy - i all done with my nap!  i stay all dry for my nap!}  
it's amazing what an extra 60 minutes can do for your soul...
how will you spend your hour today?