Tuesday, November 23, 2010


this is a post that i have been meaning to write for months now!
if you live in the charlotte area or ever visit this area you MUST check out one of our favorite little getaway spots!  right up the road from our farm is a beautiful place called kilburnie.  as you wind down the country road and approach craig farm you will immediately be captivated.  the first time i saw it i wanted to hop out of my car, roll around on the thick carpet of perfectly manicured grass, run down the flower lined trails into the woods and retreat there for a week (or until someone came looking for me).  i still think i might try that.

joey and i spent a couple of days at kilburnie - the inn at craig farm - this past august and i have been dreaming about going back ever since.  we've visited a lot of bed and breakfasts all over the country but this is one of my very favorites.

our host - johannes - the gracious innkeeper at kilburnie - was delightful.  in my opinion he maintained the perfect balance of being attentive and friendly while also giving us privacy and a chance to truly get away from our regular hurried lives.

the history at kilburnie is rich and johannes can share some amazing stories with you (and also cook up a really mean southern breakfast...yum!).  if you ask 'pretty please' he will also load you on the golf cart and take you on a tour of the entire property and even let you sneak a peek of his own beautiful place across the road...a gorgeous home that is the perfect marriage of old south country charm and big city glamour (he used to be a high profile chef in new york city!).

if you need rest for your soul in a setting that truly inspires visit kilburnie...and let me know what you love about it!