Saturday, December 11, 2010

make new friends, but keep the old... is silver, and the other gold.  i wasn't a girl scout very long but i do remember that song from our meetings and camp outs.  it sort of haunts me.  

i've never been very good at the second part.  making new friends...easy...piece of cake...i love meeting new people and getting to know them beyond a shallow conversation.  keeping the old ones...that's another story.

the handful of friends that i have maintained long distance {and long time} relationships with have extended me a tremendous amount of grace.  my friend meg and i joke that we are best friends because we are the lowest maintenance people that we know.  
i'm terrible at returning phone calls.  my email inbox is so junked up that i frequently miss a message or forget to reply.  i write letters and then can't find the address or a stamp so the note sits on my countertop {under piles of other stuff} until i find it months later and decide that it's too late to mail it.

the truth is - my behavior is not in any way a reflection of how much i care about my friends.  i actually believe that i am one of the most fortunate gals in the world when it comes to friendship.  i have dozens of precious people that love me like they are family {and i feel the same about them...even if i don't always show it}.
now that i am about to leave a whole bunch of precious friends behind in charlotte, as we move to johnson city...i find myself with a strong desire to stay connected to these people whom i have shared laughter, tears, and life with over the past 5 years.  they are part of my story.  an important part.  i wouldn't be who i am today without them.  

a couple of weeks ago i had the rare opportunity to see my dear friend kimberly {whom i have known and loved for 15 years} and her brood.  we now have 5 kiddos between the 2 of us.  here we are...
our visit was literally a whirlwind 60 minutes in between thanksgiving travels and football games.  it was definitely 'squeezed' in but so totally worth it.  when you have a friend that is this close you don't have to waste time with the typical pleasantries at the beginning of the jump right in to the good stuff and just soak in the opportunity to be in the familiar presence of someone who knows you so well.
a lot has changed for me and kimberly over the past 15 years.  here we are just 2 1/2 years ago...
...this was when we were 'living' with her family for 2 weeks after lucy's adoption {that's another story...}
i love comparing the pics of our kids then...
{lucy - only a few days old - and cecilia - 4 years old}

and now...
{big girls - 2 1/2 and 7 today...happy b-day cecilia!}

when i reflect back on our times together and that one sweet hour of reconnecting last's way more precious than gold.  

here's to old friends...