Monday, January 17, 2011

new year ~ new home ~ new job

NOTE: this post contains a recipe and lots of pictures of my kids...
it's official - i'm a stay-at-home mama!

as joey prepared to take on his first day as the assistant golf coach at ETSU, i got myself pumped up for the beginning of my own new job as full-time 'homemaker'.

we've reached the halfway point - naptime.  so far, so good. far - REALLY good.  i know there will be tough days, tough weeks.  but today is a complete affirmation that i am doing what i am supposed to be doing during this season of life.

here's how it's gone down so far...
6:15 - woke up to, 'mommy - i all done with my nap.'  to which i replied, 'not quite, lucy.'
after tucking her back in bed i resisted the great urge to crawl back into my own bed for 15 more minutes before my alarm went off.  instead, i hopped right into the shower to get a jump start on the rest of the fam.
6:30 - showered and dressed (in something other than pj's that could pass for workout clothes) with coffee in hand (thanks to my awesome coffee maker with delay brew)
6:40 - sitting ALONE for some quiet time with God and john piper
6:55 - lucy wakes up again...earlier than expected.  no problem.  let's see if i can sell 'quiet time' to her...
ME: lucy, shhhh.  oliver is still sleeping.  mommy was just having her quiet time with God.  if you can tiptoe and whisper oliver will keep sleeping and we can have quiet time together.
LUCY: (not in a whisper) o-tay mommy! (big grin)
7:00 - after changing out of pull-ups and into big girl panties (lucy, not me) we grab a few kids books for the doodlebug and she joins me for the rest of 'quiet time' (which isn't so quiet anymore but seriously precious)
LUCY: what you reading mommy?
i quickly flip back to a verse i just remembered reading from psalm 42 that compares a deer thirsting for water to our souls thirsting for God.  i read it and then try to paraphrase in toddler terms.  i get what appears to be a 'glazed over' look and no comment.
5 minutes later as she is reading (aloud) from an elmo book i overhear -
LUCY: thank you God for deer that drinks water.  thank you God for my soul.
like i said...seriously precious
7:15 - oliver is up and at 'em
breakfast prep while the kids play in their new playroom
7:45 - breakfast with daddy (frozen waffles, mandarin oranges, and waffles...i know my limits people)

we've made it through the first half of the day with no major injuries, no yelling from mommy (just a raised voice and 'the look' a few times), a successful trip to wal-mart to buy groceries for the week, a playroom clean-up, and now i've got dinner in the over (baked spaghetti - mmmmmm....joey's favorite...recipe below) and time to send you guys this update which i'm sure by now has bored you to tears or forced you to remove me from your blogroll permanently.

as for the rest of the afternoon...we have some big plans to walk next door through the snow (which lucy believes is a major adventure) to visit our super awesome neighbors who have a pool they have offered us unrestricted access to and teenagers who they claim love babysitting...see...super awesome...

this is it folks...our new life in tennessee...i love it...
there are still boxes to unpack but we'll get around to that eventually...

{oliver mastering the stairs...this is his new favorite hangout spot}

{best grocery shopping assistant ever!}

{some sibling bonding in lucy's tent}

{uh-oh...oliver's getting wild}

{if you've seen toy story 3...this is lucy reenacting the part where all the toys are about to be burned up and they grab hands and hold on tight...oliver is an unwilling participant in this role playing, as usual}

{those eyes...}

{those cheeks...}

sorry.  this thing is already too long.  the recipe will have to wait...