Monday, February 14, 2011

who knew stairs could be so much fun???

DISCLAIMER:  this post may only be of interest to immediate family members who can't get enough of my awesome kids

we had this super plush carpet put down on the stairs of our new house and it's so comfy, cozy that my kids spend half of their day on them.

here's a video of oliver doing what he typically does {despite having a cold and teething} - smiling, laughing, and just generally being adorable...reveling in the fact that he can know move up and down stairs with relative ease...

and here's lucy doing what she typically does - using her massive expanse of an imagination to create role-playing scenarios {which often include school and teaching and making up songs to teach lessons}.  this kids seriously amazes me.  she sets stuff like this up completely on her own...
{sorry about the shaky camera hand...i was holding a squirmy oliver in one arm}