Tuesday, March 15, 2011


one way that our lives have changed since moving to tennessee is that we have to do without 'daddy' a lot more.  joey's new coaching job requires him to travel a good bit so that means the kids and i are on our own much more than we ever were before.  there are some aspects of this that i love {seeking out new adventures to fill our days} and others that are pretty challenging {24/7 parent duty...need i say more?}.  of course the challenging aspects can sometimes be magnified when you are living far away from all of your family and friends and you only actually know a handful of folks.

last week joey left for 5 days to take the team to a tournament in myrtle beach.  
{on a side note - while i'm at home doing 24/7 parent duty for 2 toddlers he is actually on the road doing 24/7 parent duty for 5 college guys...an equally difficult task at times i'm sure}.  
anyway...a few days before he was leaving i hadn't made any plans to go out of town or have someone visit or anything.  i figured the kids and i would just hang out together at home.  the closer we got to his leaving the more i started to question whether or not that was the best idea.  i started to worry that 5 days by myself in our relatively new surroundings without much of a support system might be too much.  when i started to worry i remembered my last blog post and decided to follow lucy's lead.  i prayed this prayer - 
God, you know what i need and when i need it.  i trust you to provide me with whatever i need to make it through the next several days with joey away.

the next day i got a phone call - my stepmom.  she had a question...was there any way that she and my stepsister could make a last minute trip up to visit us for a few days?  of course!  perfect timing...i got just what i needed...
{these pics are from lucy's school program...she was a giraffe : )}
and because God doesn't just halfway answer prayers i got another call the following day from one of the few people we've met in jc asking if the kids and i wanted to get together while joey was away.  at first i was really bummed that she had invited us on a weekend when we already had plans {since lately our social calendar is pretty much wide open}.  
then i realized...
     this was abundance.  
and i felt so loved and cared for...my heart felt full.

now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory...
ephesians 3:20-21