Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my little prayer warrior

a few weeks ago i wrote a post about lucy's 'accident' at chick-fil-a.  i knew a moment like that was something many of you could relate to and most of you would find pretty funny.  today i wanted to share a completely different moment in an effort to highlight just how precious and kind my 2 year old can be {when she is not using the steps of the play area as her own personal potty}.
a couple of days ago i woke up feeling really yucky.  as the day went on i felt worse.  by the evening i was wiped and i sat down to rest on the floor with the kids for a few minutes.  they were being extra silly {but at least doing so cooperatively and not at one another's expense}.  i needed to get them downstairs and fed.

ME: lucy, honey, i really need your help.  mommy is not feeling well.  my tummy hurts and my arm is tingly and it's hard for me to move around.  we need to get downstairs for supper.
LUCY:  {runs over to me and kneels down} wait, mommy!  i pray for you, otay?
ME: {already with tears filling my eyes} yes - that would be so great, honey.
LUCY: {eyes squeezed shut and hands clinched together} 'Dod', thank you for mommy.  please help her arm and heal her and her feel better.  jesus name.  amen {which i swear sounds like 'oh man'}
ME:  lucy, you are the sweetest girl. thank you so much.  i know God will answer your prayer and help mommy.
LUCY: why you crying, mommy?
the answer i gave her was something like - 'because that made me so happy that you did that for mommy'.

but the truth is - this is why those tears were streaming down my face...
the name of jesus comes easy to her lips.  
when something in our lives is going wrong she goes to Him as if he were an old friend. 
and, perhaps most importantly, she believes that He hears her.  so as soon as those words were spoken she bounced back up, hugged me and was ready to go.  free of worry.  free of doubt.  not carrying a burden she wasn't meant to carry but instead easily giving it over to the One who can.
in moments like that i think that God may be teaching me more through my children than he is teaching them through me... 

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. ~philippians 4:6