Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a month of stories: my little storyteller

at this point the grandparents are cringing at my 'month of stories'.  they fear that over the next few weeks they may have to endure boring posts about my love of literature with nary a picture of their precious grandchildren.  grandparents...would i let you down?  of course not!  

the truth is - lucy may love a good story just as much, if not more, than her mama.  we tell stories before bed, in the bathtub, at breakfast...and most often - on the potty.  
believe me when i say - this sister can spin a tale like no other!  
of course i never capture the really good ones on video because i am too intrigued to get up and get the camera.  man - i wish i could share the latest adventures of snow white and jesus with you...could be a book deal waiting to happen!

here's at least a little something from my story teller in training...