Saturday, June 4, 2011

that dirty 'w' word

  i'm hoping some of you out there will be able to extend a little sympathy to us.  this is what we have spent the past couple of days working on...

yep - the dreaded wallpaper removal.  our master bath was covered in what i swear was the thickest decorative wallpaper ever!  and it appears to have been superglued on in some places.
the truth's a pretty simple process.  all you really need is the following...
fabric softener - pick a fragrance you love because the room will be smelling like it for days
 spray bottle - splurge on the big $2 kind that you find at a home improvement store instead of the tiny cheap-o one from the travel section at the pharmacy
 water - to dilute the fabric softener
 scraper - or a good set of fingernails
and a lot of patience...
finished product coming soon {i hope!}