Tuesday, July 12, 2011


therefore i will boast all the more in my weakness, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 
~paul {2 corinthians 12:7-9}

so the dogs were the catalyst...  

my 'to-do' list for the past couple of weeks has looked something like this:

:: pack up all of our possessions {again} and stick them in a storage unit
:: set aside enough ‘necessities’ for our short-term hiatus in a tiny condo in clemson
:: say 'goodbye' to our johnson city friends
:: find a new home for our dogs

when presented this way all these tasks may come across as just that - tasks.  
as each one has been crossed off of the list my heart has felt the effects.  when i officially said good-bye to my dogs 2 days ago the floodgates opened.  those of you who know me well would have just nodded and said - 'yes...here it comes...the ugly cry.'

i love it.  i hate it.

mov~ing /'moovi ng/
1. in motion {that's the part i like}
2. producing strong emotion, especially sadness {that's the part i hate}

our family has lived in johnson city just over 6 months...not long.  way shorter than we ever dreamed.  you wouldn't think 6 months would be enough time for an entire family to grow roots in a new place.  you'd be wrong...again.
right here in eastern tennessee we have a community of people we love,
   who have walked through life {the good and bad} with us for 1/2 a year,
      who have been exactly who God handpicked for us during this season...  

i know my heart is forever connected with these friends {and with my sweet dogs}...but it's still 'moving' and it's still hard.  
it's loss.    it's grief.    it's life.
but it's my life and it's all within God's sovereign plan for me.
and that's what i see...through the tears i still see His plan...His wisdom…
and my life is my humble offering back to Him...

here’s the funny thing about loss…
everytime I lose something I love
    and my heart is filled with sadness 
        and my spirit is weak 
I am reminded that the one thing I love most can never been taken away from me and ultimately…
      that’s everything