Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what you really want...

first of all...i can't tell you how encouraged i am by you - my faithful blog readers.  thanks for letting me share life with you {crazy as it may be}.  i hope you know i love you...really...i'm serious...i do. that you've all humored me as i have therapeutically written through much of our recent struggles i'm here to respond to the many requests for:
#1 - specifics about what the heck we are doing now
#2 - some cute pics/video of the kids

#1 - the reason i haven't said much on this topic is because...well...quite frankly - we actually don't know what the heck we are doing.  

this is how i explain our situation to my 3 year old...
God always takes care of us.  he shows us where to go and what to do.  he had us on the farm in indian land.  then he led us to our house on the hill in tennessee.  now he's got a brand new adventure planned.  the thing is...right now it's a secret.  God knows where our next adventure will be but he hasn't told us yet.  we are just waiting on him.  
{now i field questions daily about whether or not God has told us about our new secret adventure yet...i love this}

as of today we are living in a cozy little 2 bedroom condo in clemson that my mom and stepdad have so graciously offered to us.  all of our 'stuff' is crammed in a storage unit in johnson city. it is highly likely that we will actually relocate yet again in the next week or two to indian land {our former stomping ground}.  joey is still job hunting so we are not putting down roots anywhere...we're just kind of hovering...this has its benefits and its challenges as you can imagine...

#2 - enjoy...
{this is what happens when he can't get to his golf clubs}
{with a professional golfer for a daddy i guess this level of passion for the sport is to be expected}