Sunday, August 7, 2011

corndogs and snakes

it's hard to pick my most memorable anniversary.
was it the very first one that joey and i spent driving cross country with our RV attached to the hitch of the truck as we lived the mini-tour golf dream...stopping at a truck stop to mark our momentous occasion with corndogs, uncrustables, and a bag of beef jerky?

or maybe it was last week when we celebrated 7 years together by painting, vacuuming up mouse poop and wrangling snakes in my granny's house with the hopes of making it livable for our family?

hmmm...both amazing...too tough to call...
{just to clarify - it was only one snake but it was IN the house and everything else is 100% true...believe me}

i guess by most standards both of those anniversaries were celebrated in less than desirable circumstances.  no picnic in the park, no romantic candlelit dinner, no surprise get-away to a tropical destination...

instead...this is what i will always remember about both of those days...
hours of uninterrupted time spent alone with the person i love most in this world.  laughter and tears as we consider where we've been and where we are headed.  authentic conversations about the joy of our hopes and dreams as well as the rawness of our disappointments and failures.  an opportunity to rediscover each other.  time to reflect on the early love and passion that drew us together and how deep and vast that love has grown.  a strengthening of the fibers that tie our lives together and bind us to one another.  
for anniversary like that does more for my heart than a romantic dinner.  it certainly has a more lasting impact than a quick weekend getaway.  and the truth is - life isn't always a picnic in the park.  
marriage takes work and the journey sometimes takes you somewhere completely unexpected.  

one of the things i love most about my husband - my joey - is that he is the only person in the world that lives real life with me completely.  the good and the bad.  the ups and the downs {and we've had a lot of those lately}.  he is strong and steady as he plods through life alongside me.   he is tender and supportive as i battle my own demons.  he wraps me up in love when i need it the most {and probably deserve it the least}.  he is my hero.

so whether it was with my feet propped up on the dashboard of our chevy barreling down some highway in mississippi or with a paint roller in hand and sweat on my brow...every day that i have spent with my guy has been a beautiful page in the story of our life together.  it's a book i just can't put down...