Monday, October 17, 2011

gifts of fall abound!

my gratitude journal is filling.  {if you have no idea what the heck i am talking about check out this previous post}

if you live in my neck of the woods you have hopefully been basking in the beauty of what i call 'weather perfection'...sunny afternoons sandwiched between cool mornings and evenings.  

joey is out of town and i have been going solo with the kids for the past few days which sometimes results in a frazzled and weary mama.  not this time.  somehow i have found myself unable to keep up with the abundance of 'gifts' that have been jam packed into each day...

::back porch playtime::

::barefoot races in the grass::

::lucy's first biology lesson on the farm - anatomy of a chicken::

::oliver's first horseback ride::

::climbing hay bales::

::bonding with my dad over clemson football::

::family reunions that leave your belly and your heart full::

::successful use of the toilet for my nearly 2 year old {this one has absolutely nothing to do with the season but i had to share because i was just so darn excited!}::

::convincing my brother to participate in this photo op with me and the kids...

i know there will be days when the gifts elude me.  when i will have to dig into the dirt of the day to find them.  fight for them.  for today i am holding open hands as the great giver of gifts pours them into my grateful life.

what are the gifts this season has brought you???