Thursday, November 17, 2011

farm fun: wing clipping

as my gratitude journal fills i have noticed that many of my gifts are tied to our family farm...
:: tiny nephew farmhand assisting his uncle robert
:: sun breaking free over dew dusted fields
:: hair flying rides on the four wheeler
:: the busy buzzing of bees
:: horses galloping free

so i feel like i would be doing you a disservice if i didn't share some farm blessings with y'all from time to time.

i realize that not everyone experiences things like pulling into the driveway and having someone hand them a live rooster.  so...allow me to share...
here's joey right after he was handed the chicken when we arrived at the farmhouse after church on sunday...

that's my brother on the left (uncle robert).  he's primary caregiver of said chickens.  he is chasing that stinker of a hen who is in big trouble for conniving with that rooster to fly the coop (literally).  uncle robert won and both chickens got an impromptu trim to eliminate any future escapes...

the wing clipping was quick and easy...the chickens didn't even flinch.  apparently it doesn't hurt them at all.  it got me to thinking that i hope the process of teaching my kids the safety of boundaries is as painless...somehow i fear it won't be.  

in my own life there have been plenty of times that i have stepped outside of the fences meant to protect and secure my heart.  sometimes guidance and protection looks more like a cage of oppression, doesn't it?  just like those chickens i've thought there might be something better out there.  something better than what the master provided within the field he placed me during a particular season.  and just like those chickens, when i've stepped outside of the boundaries i've run into predators that were just waiting for me to leave myself vulnerable.  sometimes fences are more about keeping the hurt and harm out and less about keeping us in.  

the funny thing is...i've noticed those chickens congregating along the fence line...looking at what they are separated from on the other side.  allowing their attention to be focused there instead of turning around and gazing upon the acres and acres of green pasture behind them filled with everything they would ever need to live...and free of everything that could lead to their death.  i'm working on living fully in my pasture and staying away from the fence line.  i know God has something important for me to do right where i am.  and when the time comes for me to graze in another pasture, he'll open the gate and guide me there himself.  i won't have to escape when he turns his back. 

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; 
I will counsel you and watch over you. 
psalm 32:8