Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a week of thanks: day three

grace :: {noun} 
[1] elegance; poise
[2] courtesy; decency
[3] favor; approval
[4] blessing; thanksgiving

grace :: {verb}
[1] dignify; glorify
[2] adorn; beautify

there is much i would like to explore on this subject with you.  fifteen minutes of research provided me with such rich and deep information that i ultimately decided we would tackle it all another day...a day when we don't all have turkey and stuffing on our brains.

before i leave you to your thanksgiving merriment i wanted to quickly slip this notion of grace into your heart as we continue to lap up the waters of thankfulness this week.

i think my very first grasp at grace had something to do with the very first definition - poise, elegance.  here's a visual for you...
grace kelly - i always thought a name had never been better suited to a person.  

somehow this quality always seemed to elude me.  and yet i so deeply desired to take hold of it.  i've been more of the crazy 'chicken with your head cut off' kind of least that's how i've always felt.  more likely to get the heel of my shoe stuck in a vent cover {this actually happened one time} than to glide fluidly across a dance floor.  over the years i've learned that there's more to 'grace' than elegance especially when it comes to jesus.

here's the funny thing...
as the glory and beauty and favor of Christ has penetrated my heart {note that i am now assigning all those grace-full terms to him...not me} i have felt myself transformed.  and the catalyst of this transformation came through the regular discipline of thanksgiving.  as the days hand me trials and frustrations i choose to see gifts...blessing...grace.

true grace abiding in our inner most being can't be seen on the cover of a magazine.  in fact i've felt it most surely behind the closed doors of my home with babies crying, dishes waiting, water boiling, to-do lists lurking, countless demands pressing down...and my heart - peace, calm...grace.  not of my own design but of His...

a few days ago i had a morning full of potty training trials, toddler diva sassyness, and endless e-mail requests {not to mention the fact that i am still living in a house that is not completely unpacked}.  as i closed the doors to my kids' rooms for nap time i felt myself taking each step downstairs with a lightness...feeling strong and yet full of...
that thing that has always seemed to escape me...  i had been looking for it in the wrong places all these years...

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in (your) weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.
 ~ 2 corinthians 12:9  {emphasis mine}

and one more thing y'all...on a much different note.  not sure how much grace she possesses but she sure is funny...a thanksgiving laugh that i couldn't resist sharing...

{i can't believe i just put grace kelly and madea in the same post...happy thanksgiving y'all!}