Tuesday, January 17, 2012

24 hours well spent

every busy mama needs a break sometimes.  i have gotten past feeling guilty about taking mine...  
date nights with my guy. 
solo time at the coffee shop with a book. 
extra long showers. 
stepping into the house alone for a moment to breathe in complete silence before going back to unbuckle the kids from their carseats.
we mamas get our breaks wherever we can...it's important...for everybody.

this weekend i got the break of all breaks - 24 hours away with 2 of my favorite girlfriends.  here's how 24 hours of girl time is priceless...

:: one long continuous therapy session conversation ::
real counseling sessions cost money.  and although i am a fan of spending some time with a professional from time to time, i wouldn't necessarily call those sessions 'fun'.  this weekend i hashed out all kinds of personal issues with my girls and had a blast doing it.  the only costs involved were the 3 meals we enjoyed together {you can't do that in counseling either.  ummm...sir would you mind if i sip some sangria and munch on tortilla chips and queso while we analyze my childhood?}

:: a sense of community ::
every mama gets in a rut.  it goes something like this - i can't believe that i am the only person in the entire world who spends 10 hours a week sweeping up crumbs, considers showering a daily victory,  and feels like an unpaid, under appreciated chef/maid/secretary all rolled into one.  this weekend i felt completely appreciated for all my hard work and not so much alone.  instead i started feeling more like part of a really awesome sorority of kick-butt women who pull this mommy gig off while still remaining cool {even while driving my mini-van...it is a swagger wagon after all}.

:: cracking up ::
perhaps most importantly, this weekend was full of bust-a-gut laughter that can only be generated with girls whom you can be you're 100% completely flawed self with.  i wouldn't dare post some of the most hilarious topics of conversation but i will share this one bit of our weekend which will probably give you at least a little chuckle...
this is my friend meg in barnes and noble.  yes - that is a very large piece of plywood that she is carrying.  she is the queen of DIY home projects...this time she was seeking my help...good grief...
these are the magazines she was perusing {for more DIY ideas of course} while i got the honor of laying that ginormous thing across 3 tables to write some lyrics to a song that she wants to frame over her bed.  
{that's amy in the background pretending like she doesn't know us}
the good news is - i spelled all the words correctly.  the  bad news is - it kinda looks awful...oh well...i'm sure she'll use it anyway...or just paint over it for her next project.

so...girls getaways...i highly recommend them.
and you know what's funny?  as much as this weekend was about 'getting away' i can honestly say that the majority of our conversations centered around funny {and genius} things that our kids do and how much we love and appreciate our husbands...seriously.  we love our lives.  we just need a chance to step back and share them with someone else {without being interrupted every 5 minutes to wipe someone's behind or referee a sibling fight}