Wednesday, January 25, 2012

artificial sunlight

hello sunshine...i'm so glad to see you today!  

around these parts it's been pretty gloomy the past few days.  i've tried to get creative with the kids but we can only spend so much time 'washing' all the little people figures in the sink, making playdough messes masterpieces, and playing hide-and-seek {somehow fingers getting slammed in the door always seems to end this one}.   

i have self-diagnosed myself with seasonal affective disorder so, although i love a rainy day every now and then, too much cloud cover starts seriously clouding my mood {especially when i am stuck inside with 2 wild monkeys}.  when the dreary days start dampening my spirit  i start praying for God to bring in some artificial sunlight.  something that will shine some light back into my life and put a smile back on my face.

my daughter - lucy's - name means 'light' and it suits her just fine.  i tell her regularly that she is a bright reflection to those around her {sometimes nearly blinding but you take the good with the bad, right?}.  so...i found it funny that my artificial sunlight at the end of these dark days came from her yesterday...

allow me to share the scenario with you...

{lucy and oliver are in the playroom...playing.  all of the sudden a little slap fight ensues over who's serving the tea at the tea party...remember we've been cooped up inside for awhile}
ME: OK guys...that's it.  i am cracking down on all this hitting.  if i see either one of you putting your hands on each other like that again you are going straight to your room.  this is your one warning for the day!
LUCY: {making silly fake laugh}
ME: it's not funny, lucy...i am serious.
LUCY: {confused look} but you said you were cracking up.
ME: {trying not to laugh} no honey...i said i was cracking DOWN...not cracking UP
LUCY:  ooooohhhh...

ha ha...humor injected right in the middle of a gloomy mama's rainy day rant...

here and here are a few rainy day activities i've found for next do you spend your rainy days?