Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cleaning house

WARNING:  today's post is completely will see why i didn't have time when you read further...but i had to share my accomplishment with you!

i bought these napkins a couple of months ago because they were
i do believe this statement to be true for me most of the time {much to my neat-freak husband's dismay}.  in general, i do the bare minimum cleaning-wise.  if the health department stopped by i think {fingers crossed} i would pass but i definitely wouldn't get an A.  so - yes...that means my kids are probably better off eating at chick-fil-a than in their own kitchen.  

don't get me wrong...i LOVE a clean house.  i just don't have time to make that happen very often.  today is an exception.  

i had been planning all week to do some major house cleaning while the kids were at preschool this morning.  i'm talking bleach, scrubbers, wood cleaner...the whole sha-bang.  i went for a quick jog to get my blood flowing {which may have actually had the opposite effect since it was 40 degrees outside and i'm pretty sure my blood was FROZEN}.  i cranked up joey's ipod {his selection of tunes is way better than mine...i guess in my world a well-maintained, awesome playlist is also a sign of a wasted life}.  after guzzling a smoothie, i got down and dirty {literally...this place was a pig sty}.

i can't say that everything is completely perfect but it sure is a heck of a lot better than it was 5 hours ago.  now i am sitting in my sparkly clean house waiting for an unexpected guest to pop in so that i can look like the amazing working mother of two who really has her act together {yeah right}.  if you're in the neighborhood stop by and let me gloat for a bit...i'll even fix you a cup of coffee. 
{just don't expect me to be showered and fresh.  i also believe in this's on my fridge}