Friday, January 20, 2012

friday faves :: gettin' cozi

this little icon on my phone is saving my life...
it's my friday fave this week.
for the past few years joey and i have felt like we were running around in circles trying to figure out how to keep our schedules coordinated and avoid conversations like these...
me:  don't forget we have that meeting tonight
joey:  what meeting?
me:  you know...the one i told you about 2 weeks ago.
joey:  i don't remember that.
me:  well, it's on the family calendar
joey:  where's the family calendar?
me: ummm...i'm not sure...

i'm sure none of you can relate to this dilemma {or the semi-annual argument that ensues about being irresponsible or a poor communicator or some other awful marriage-damaging comment}.  cozi is like a dream come true when it comes to those scheduling nightmares.  joey found this app and i was initially 'app'rehensive {pun intended...sorry...i know that's horrible}.  anyway - bottom line...
it works!

we both have the app on our phones.  we can access it there {or on our computer} at any time.  it instantly updates anything we add to our family calendar and allows  you to flag it as a family event or specify one or more members of the family it applies to.  as another added bonus it has a shopping list which i am using regularly.  anytime i think of something i need from the store i type it in...then either one of us can pick up stuff when we're out since we both have access to the list...genius!

i still use this pinterest-inspired weekly calendar i made.  i like to have something i can glance at when i'm at home to see what's going on for the week... the folks at cozi say - 
bye bye chaos.  hello coordinated.

do you have any other tools to help keep your family organized?