Friday, January 13, 2012

friday faves :: poetry in motion

as promised, here i am to share my second installment of 'friday faves'.  
{on a side note - both of my children are napping peacefully as i write.  if you've read the last couple of posts you know this means v-i-c-t-o-r-y for mama.}

i have a couple of things to pass along to you today.  the first is my favorite youtube clip of the week {if you're on facebook you've probably already seen it}...
i'm not going to bore you with an extensive commentary...the video speaks for itself.  i will say this...
these words lit a fire under my behind to work tirelessly in making sure that my church home always keeps Jesus front and center...that in humility we always remember where our righteousness lies - in His work, not ours.

and for fun - my favorite 'on the go' pic that i snapped with my phone this week...
{rainy day run}
this is actually a picture of my kids heading into the store with me to buy that desperately needed door knob cover...ha ha.  what i love about it is that it captures something special about the season that we are in right now.  
first of all - i love that they can both walk on their own two tiny legs wherever we go now {makes life infinitely easier on mommy}.  i also love that lucy is really taking on a nurturing role as 'big sister' and oliver is starting to look to her for help.  she spontaneously grabbed his hand this day as we were heading in, saying - 'come on buddy.  watch for cars.  stay on the sidewalk.'  and he willingly grabbed on and followed.  as a child i remember my mom always reinforcing the importance of the bond between me and my own little brother {you know him here as 'uncle robert'}.  we had regular reminders to count on one another...and be someone the other one could count on too.  30+ years later this truth remains.  i daily work to foster the same relationship with my little munchkins.

oh...and by the way...did you know that 'poetry in motion' isn't just a song?  it's also the name of a wrestling move interestingly in which 2 wrestlers team up together to defeat their opponent.  here's to many more years of brother-sister duos teaming up to take on the world...and defeat any opponents that stand in their way!