Friday, January 27, 2012

friday faves :: wee words

there was a building in clemson, south carolina {where i grew up} that, sadly, is no longer standing...
it was the public library.  

you know how you have some childhood memories that are so warm and fuzzy that you want to wrap yourself up in them and never leave?  {i hope you have at least a few of those}  my memory of visits to the clemson library are like that.  i can remember the anticipation of entering this massive building filled with more stories than i could ever read.  i remember the smell of the pages as i turned them.  i remember the kindness on the librarian's face as i checked out the maximum number of books allowed and then carried them like prize possessions out the door...already thinking of the ones i would come back for the next week.  

the funny thing is...when i went back to the clemson library as a college student many years later i was surprised to find that the building was actually larger than the waiting area at the DMV.  i was shocked.  in my mind that place had been so much larger.  i know my perception was probably warped because of my own tiny frame at the time...but i also think that library seemed colossal to me because it held so much of something i value so highly...words.  

my love affair with words probably began on those trips to the clemson library.  seeing how they were penned by so many different hands in so many different ways.  with every story i read i felt the capacity of my mind grow and new worlds unfold right before my very eyes.  my mom did a lot of wonderful things for me growing up but perhaps one of the ones i appreciate most was how much she read to me and enthusiastically introduced me to the world of words.

i'm hoping that my own children will have the same experience.  just today we built a pallet of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals and piled on top for story time.  i hope they feel whisked away as i do during those times.

so here are a few of my favorite books to read with my kids these days.  at their age most of the stories we share are simple {the attention span of a 2 and 3 year old are limited people!}.  but lucy is beginning to sit for longer periods of time so i'm sure this time next year i will have a whole other list of new ones that we are discovering together.
{some of the simplest ones that we've been reading since our kiddos were born...they have asked for them over and over again and could read them to you by memory pretty early}
{we love eric carle...just be warned that if you get 'the grouchy ladybug' your 3 year old may go up to people and say 'hey you - wanna fight??'...that's not really well-received out of context}
{these are all books that i remember vividly from my own childhood}
{and a few more of our recent faves...we have all the llama llama books - or 'llama jama' as lucy calls them!}
{and very favorite preschool Bible}

{we read a story almost every morning at breakfast - at lucy's request.  i love all the simple suggestions it gives for making the story interactive and applying the Biblical truths to our lives.} share...what are the books that your little ones can't get enough of?