Wednesday, January 11, 2012

quick update on my 'good' boy

based on all the FB messages, texts, phone calls, and emails i received after yesterday's post i would say that there are a heck of a lot of people out there who can relate to the trials of parenting...whew!  i'm so glad i'm not alone - aren't you?

i had to share a little bit of the aftermath with you.  i found oliver's door somewhat difficult to open when i went to get him after his nap...this is some of what i found on the other side...
note the clothes and pull-up.  when i pulled back the covers i discovered a bare-bottomed boy {bless his heart} and miraculously the bed was not the slightest bit wet {God knows my limits}.  we had some extended cuddle time on the couch to make amends...

and here's the little stinker acting like nothing ever happened { can you not love this kid}...
{lucy actually snapped this picture...not bad, huh?}

today i got the kids out of the house extra early so i could make a target run before school to get our door handle cover...popped that baby on at naptime and closed the door.  the tantruming was minimal this was less than fifteen minutes of pleading, crying, and door rattling before i finally heard the sweet sound of quiet. 

he's still fighting...i guess i admire his persistence...but this mama is standing strong.  
and i will win.