Friday, February 24, 2012

friday faves :: a trilogy

katniss everdeen.
one week ago i wouldn't have recognized the name.  now i can't get her out of my head.

did you ever start reading a book and then find yourself unable to put it desperate to find out what will happen next?

it's happened a few times in my life but i can honestly say that this is a first for me.  i read a lot and can go through books fairly quickly but...3 books in less than 4 days??  i couldn't believe it.  suzanne collins' trilogy captivated me from the first page.  
i began the hunger games last friday night at bedtime and by tuesday afternoon i had torn through all three books {and was left wishing there were more}.

i must say that i had the advantage of being sick over the weekend.  i know that sounds odd but it's true.  since i was feeling yucky i #1 - didn't want to get out of the bed {which is conducive to reading} and #2 - had a good excuse for people to leave me alone so i could wander off into the make-believe world of panem.  

the downside to all of this was that i did, in fact, neglect my family during this reading marathon.  monday morning at our house looked something like this...
{me with my nose in a book}  
kids: mommy!!  mommy!!
me: hold on you guys...i can't help you right now.  they are just about to release the tributes into the arena!
kids:  mommy - we're thirsty.
me:  i think it's time you guys learned how to fill up your own sippy cups...mommy is about to witness an epic battle here.
kids:  mommy - we're hungry.
me: {glancing at the clock} is it really almost 10:00? ok...i guess i can find something for breakfast real quick...but then i have got to get back to find out what peeta and haywitch are scheming. that is a tiny bit of an exaggeration but i was obsessed.  how about you?  have you gotten sucked in to the hunger games trilogy?  are you counting down the days until march 23 when the characters come to life on screen...
{or have you been spending your time on more worthy endeavors?}