Friday, March 16, 2012

friday faves :: mama blogs

well...if you read my tuesday post revealing my most recent mommy struggles you will know there are some days that i could use all the encouragement i can get.  outside of my amazing cheering section of friends and family i also turn to a few fellow mama bloggers who always have some wisdom to share.

i love the gypsy mama.  this post from her was my favorite blog read of the week.  it spoke straight to my hurried heart.
i have been trying out some of her suggestions...they work {sometimes...and that's all i ask}. last night i thanked my sweet husband for being so tolerant of our perpetually messy house.  on a day like yesterday leaving the dried up eggs glued to the floor was totally worth baking fresh bread {in my bread machine of course!} and covering the dining room table with watercolor masterpieces with the kids.

and one more favorite post of the week was from my newfound friend {actually i've never met her but based on her bio i think we could be B-F-F's}...flower patch farmgirl.

ya'll i am sorry...i can not stop laughing about this...
i am going to get right to work trying to make my own version of this!
happy weekend, friends!