Wednesday, April 25, 2012

applesauce revolution

As I sit here sipping my cup of decaffeinated green tea - this is what I’m wondering…
is anyone else frustrated with the treadmill of convenience that they are tied to…running tirelessly as we watch our health and our relationships suffer?

There are so many healthy changes that I want to make for my family.  Somehow I feel like the pace of our have-it-your-way-now culture makes it impossible.  
I’m trying to keep up…with what?  
The pace of life?  
Who exactly is dictating that anyway?  
I move through each day with this heavy weight of perceived expectation dragging me down.  Expectation that because of all my gadgets and technology and ‘conveniences’ I can get back to you ASAP and take care of that yesterday.  And it certainly doesn’t help that I pride myself on efficiency and work production…but at what cost? 

I'm dreaming of time to grow my own vegetables {or at least to go to the local farmers market and get something fresh}.   
I don’t want to feed my family take-out or a frozen pizza at least once a week because we ran out of time and that was more convenient.   
And here’s a silly little thing that has been haunting me – 
those prepackaged cups of applesauce 
How many dozens of those have i bought for my kids…the ones that will pile up in a landfill somewhere and probably have some additives or preservatives that will eventually give us cancer.  
I want to make my own applesauce.  
But then people think you’re crazy for making your own applesauce because ‘there are these cute, cheap, little prepackaged ones that you can just toss in their lunchboxes.’

ugghhh…the convenience is killing me…literally I think.
It’s probably giving me cancer.  
This is the thought cycle I get into and then I just get so overwhelmed that i throw my hands up in the air and get back to work on the latest deadline and stick a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner…

 recently watched Food matters…can you tell?

i know, i know…i shouldn’t believe everything that I see in a documentary.  I need to remember that the director is probably biased and didn’t completely show both sides of the story.  But this issue has been nagging at me for a while now.  I guess ultimately i just want to make well-informed and thoughtful decisions about what I put in my family’s bodies.  
The problem is…in the past few days alone I have spent hours doing research on such topics and I still have a million unanswered questions.  But I’d like to start somewhere…

so i’ll start with applesauce
{mmmmm - i wish you could smell my house right now!}

If you're interested, here's the recipe for starting your own applesauce revolution... 7 apples {it's important to choose a variety} - 2 golden delicious, 2 fuji, 1 gala, and 1 red delicious {peeled and sliced}
3/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon of sugar {optional}
a few sprinkles of cinnamon
:: Put it all in a pot, bring to a boil and then reduce to medium heat for 15-20 minutes until the apples are soft.  Use a fork {or one of those fancy potato mashers} to mush it all up to your desired conditions and...voila!  
I had a couple of tools that made life a bit easier {a peeler and an apple slicer} but you can get the job done with just a knife.  If you want to end up with virtually no waste at all you can actually make use of the leftover apple peels.

The total prep time was 15 minutes.  The total cooking time was 20 minutes {during which i wrote much of this post} so from start to finish you're looking at 35-40 minutes.  The total cost was about $7.  I know that I can reduce that a good bit by purchasing apples in bulk.  I just picked these up at the grocery store so I could go ahead and try it out.
The verdict?
i will definitely do it again...for 3 reasons...
:: i know exactly what is in this stuff and none of it is artificial {i even used organic apples}
:: i'm willing to trade a minimal use of time and money for less waste/better taste
:: it is so delicious {way better than those little plastic cups}...i'm trying to restrain myself from eating it all before the kids get home from preschool!

What kind of revolution do you need today?