Thursday, April 26, 2012


Some days writing is like trying to squeeze the tiniest drop of moisture from a dry sponge.  Other days, it washes over me.
When I offered to write a guest post for Angie I was dripping.  I had been inspired by her kindred spirit for authentic “spill your guts” writing, and I couldn’t wait to contribute to the tapestry of beautiful truth she is weaving together on her blog.  And then I laid my fingers on the keyboard, and in an instant I was dry as a bone.  My old friend fear had stepped in.  It’s one thing to write on your own blog, on your own terms.  It’s another thing to have one shot at an audience you admire and want to connect with.  I feared I would fail her, fail you, and ultimately, fail myself.  And so I went seeking puddles to jump in.  This is where I landed…