Friday, April 13, 2012

friday faves :: family fun days

most fridays it's me and the kids.  
end of the of the preschool grind {i.e. nightly lunchbox packing, getting everyone up, dressed and fed by a set know the drill...}.  
most weeks we take an 'adventure' and do something we've never done before {or something we've done and loved so much we just gotta do it one more time!}.  we usually sing our own rendition of that song from 'cat in the hat' as we load the car...
here we go, go, go, go...on an adventure!
the minivan is pulling away!
we have also recently started a new tradition of the 1-2-3 hand stack...and then...
TEAM MAXON! {hands in the a sports team would do}
we do that right as we are about to get out of the car and i have just reviewed the rules for having fun and not getting your behind drug back to the car for misbehavior.  the kids love it...joey is so afraid that we will actually do it in public when he is with us.

today our adventure was a new one...

if you live in charlotte please note that this is not the original discovery place {which, by the way, i went to for a lock-in sometime during my elementary years...yes - it's that old}.  this is a brand new spot just for little kids...and it's awesome.  we were there for almost 3 hours and still didn't get to do everything.

if you are in the charlotte area and have kids kindergarten and under...i definitely recommend it.  here's the deal...

there is a little snack bar area where you can purchase snacks and drinks...but no restaurant.  however...there is one of my favorite little dives right across the street {bonus!!}...perfect for lunch with the little ones...
i took a stroller in which ended up being a nice place to keep our jackets and bag but next time i will just take a little backpack with whatever we need {which is not much}...the stroller was a little tricky to maneuver around everywhere {and oliver kept pushing it into people}.

it's $8 per person to get in {kids under 1 are free}
the cost includes everything...which means they don't try to nickel and dime you for all kinds of stuff once you're inside.  there are puppets shows, dance parties, story times, monthly special events {today was painting outside in the garden and spring crafts}, and tons of different areas to explore...
 {water area was a favorite...}
 { required the tongue of concentration}
{lots of opportunities for creating}
{he actually played in here for 10 minutes before he realized it wouldn't go's a drive-up bank and lucy was on the other side playing the 'teller'...pretty cool}

check out the website for more details...and let me know where you think we should go for our next family fun day!  if i pick your idea you will win...ummm...let's see...
a custom art piece designed by my kids!!!
{we actually made these at DPK today}
...i may throw in a gift card too : )

:: happy weekend!! ::