Friday, April 27, 2012

friday faves :: peekboo!

one of my favorite things to do is sit down with my kids and watch videos of them when they were younger.  they could seriously do this for hours.  i just stumbled on this one when i was organizing in iphoto today.  a few things struck me...
1:: they were so darn cute!
2:: even though they are bigger now i can still see so much of their same personality and mannerisms from this video.  note that lucy is already trying to boss oliver around {by putting him in time-out} and oliver is already thinking that such attempts are funny.
3:: my back porch looks totally ghetto...don't you love the gigantic blow-up swimming pool propped up against the screen {i'm sure it was full of mold too}.
4:: being only 17 months apart these two will never know life without each other...i love that.
here they are now...
and then {2 years ago}...
:: happy weekend, friends ::
whether it's with a photo album or a computer full of old videos, or just your good ole memory...i hope you can find some moments to look back and smile