Tuesday, April 17, 2012

keepin' it real

a while back i saw one of the pioneer woman's 'keepin' it real' posts that included a picture of what she swept off of her kitchen floor after neglecting housework for a week.  i love her for that.  i have also thought of her a hundred times since then as i've swept up my own floors and...this morning...as i cleaned out my minivan.  with all due respect P-Dub, you ain't got nothin' on me...

this pit of a vehicle was cleaned out less than a month ago and somehow it still looked like we'd been living out of it for a year.  the cool thing is...it only took me just under 21 minutes to clean it out.  

i know this because i made it through ingrid michaelson, kari jobe, the fray, adele, and mat kearney on my playlist.  

now...when i say 'clean' i don't mean 'detailed'.  i mean safe for my children to enter...no major ankle-twisting hazards or toxic mold growing on anything.

the stuff i pulled out of there was amazing...more than a dozen plastic easter eggs, a flat iron {man...i've been looking for that thing}, sippy cups {dear God - please don't let them be milk cups}, 14 used tissues, dried-up grape stems, chick-fil-a sauce...
and please note the run-away guacamole that probably would have exploded if i'd left it in there one more day...whew!  dodged a nasty bullet on that one!
i even found a little hidden art gallery lucy has been working on {i hate that you can't see the glitter pen in this pic...it's a lovely touch}.  mmm hmmm.  i'll be saving that clean-up for her.

i haven't forgotten about haiti.  i actually thought about it most of the time i cleaned my car...and everyday when i'm driving around town, or taking a shower, or going to bed at night...  there's much more to write.  let's see if i can get my act together by the end of the week and do that...