Monday, April 9, 2012

the secrets of my success {today}

so...easter was crazy but amazing {as anyone who works for a church can attest to}.  after a whirlwind trip to haiti, coming back to a house that looked like...well - you know what my house can look like, and 2 days of last minute prep before the big day i can honestly say that i am wiped out.  i am already in my jammies battling the sniffles and seriously considering choosing my cozy bed over this laptop right now.

of course i had something to share that just couldn't wait.

if you've spent any time on my blog you know that there are plenty of days that i feel like i've fallen short when it comes to mothering, wifing, friending...  in other words - it's no secret that i mess up in my relationships...a lot.  it's important to me to share how i grow through these struggles but it's also equally important for me to brag on myself encourage you on my good days.

today was a good day...despite the cards being stacked against me.
{not quite enough sleep, the hint of a cold coming on, aftermath of an international trip and one of my biggest work days of the year, mt. everest towering in my laundry room, kids at home all get the picture}

here are my secrets of success for TODAY {i can't promise they'd work any other day}...

{1} gripping the grace of yesterday :: one of my precious kids at church gave this to me when she walked into the warehouse yesterday...
...i cried.  it was one of many 'break-your-heart-in-a-good-way' moments easter sunday gave me.  i contemplated writing an entire post about those moments but then i realized that i'm too tired.  anyway - the point is - i stepped into today still wearing the outpouring of love and joy that i was clothed in yesterday.  i want to spread that goodness forward as far as it will go.

{2} finding time for the people who matter most :: lately joey and i have been complaining that we don't get enough time together.  we actually like each other...a this is a problem.  inspired by some friends who get up every morning before the crack of dawn to spend some quiet time together, we decided to do the same.  i give total credit to joey on this one.  if he didn't turn on the light and elbow me at 5:30am i would not be this disciplined on my own.  this morning we had 30 whole minutes of sitting in bed and reading and praying and starting our day with the two most important relationships in our lives.

and i did it for my kids today too.  i had some things on my to-do list but with every single one i was mindful of them.  the day was about what we would do together.  a schedule dictated by me but including them.

the truth is...we always have time for what's important...but those minutes and hours can be tricky.  sometimes you have to dig around to find them.

{3} grocery shopping genius ::  i'm pretty sure that i could fill a football stadium with women who would rather get a root canal than go grocery shopping with their preschoolers. seriously...who wants to knowingly put themselves in a situation in which their child may attempt life-threatening moves in a rolling cart when their back is turned or risk hearing the shattering of glass followed by the blaring announcement 'we need clean-up on aisle 7'.   for this working mama whose husband is on the road a lot, shopping with kids is a necessary evil.  here's a little something that lucy and i tried today.  it worked so brilliantly that i am sure it was divinely inspired.  

she helped me make the list.  we created pictures for each item so that she would know what to look for.  she was in charge of carrying her list and pen around the grocery store.  every time we found an item oliver put it in the cart and she marked it i said...brilliant.  we all actually enjoyed our visit to the store and i didn't feel like i was going to have a panic attack the whole time.  {the kids were also much more interested in 'helping' with dinner after being so involved in purchasing the ingredients.}

{4} creating something...anything ::  instagram is now available for droid...can i get an 'amen'?!?!  so now in addition to squeezing in a watercolor painting here and there, weaving a few words and wonder together, and doing projects with the kids...i can add photography to my list of creative outlets. 

please do this for yourself...somehow...some way...create.  there are no rules, just do it.  you won't believe the new life it will breathe into your soul.

may your week be full of  'good' days...
i leave you with my first few attempts at instagram...