Wednesday, April 4, 2012

why i go...

today i carried my journal with me in hopes of writing down some thoughts and ideas during our time at the mission and surrounding villages.  the only thing that made it in there was a recipe for rice and beans that one of the girls at the mission graciously gave me {we love us some haitian rice and beans}...
as i prepared for this trip i was excited about the possibility of blogging and sharing this journey with you.  but...
i also remembered that the last time that i was here i found it surprisingly difficult to write...i was awkward, unfamiliar feeling for me.

it's hard to put words to experiences that you don't really have words for.  there is a tension there.  i have a deep desire to capture what i am feeling...seeing...learning in this foreign land so that i might somehow communicate it to you.  it needs to be communicated...and yet it doesn't come easy.  
in the comfort of my home writing ebbs and flows so fluidly.  not here.  as i walk dusty garbage-lined roads i've never walked before and hear the dancing words from a language that i do not understand i am at a loss for ways to attach words to these experiences.  
it stretches me.  it challenges me.
and that's why i go...
because i believe there is as much work to be done in me as there is to be done in haiti.
i have begun to compile some stories that i plan to share with you once we return home.  my dear friend april is the gifted photographer we brought along to capture the visual images to go along with these stories.  
{that's her with pierre...when we visited a year and a half ago they didn't think that he would survive}
once she has edited the pics and passed them on to me i will load them right up along with the stories...i hope you will come back for that.  you won't believe the abundant life change and restoration that is taking place in this country.  i want to show it to you one story at a time.  

in the are a few shots i have snapped here and there with my phone.  thanks for your grace as i fumble through all of this.
{one of my favorite things to eat in haiti - besides rice and beans - sweet, juicy mango}
{a young boy being fitted for a prosthetic leg...MOH has provided over 200 prosthetics since the earthquake}
{can you believe how tiny they make these things?}
{minette and i holding 4 month old twins in the orphanage...if you sent baby supplies with us - these are the precious recipients of your gifts!}
{the face of hope}