Friday, May 11, 2012

friday faves :: birthday surprise!

i kid you not...just as i was about to hit 'publish' on yesterday's post about how husbands can 'adore' their wives, my own precious husband walked in the door and told me to pack a bag.  a bag?  you mean like a lunch bag for the kids?  or a grocery bag for this weekend's food drive?  or are you referring to the bag filled with a poopy pull-up that's hanging on the garage door...sorry...meant to take that out to the garbage.

no...he meant an overnight bag filled with whatever i would need for him to whisk me away for the night.
somebody...pinch i dreaming?

i would like to say that i was immediately excited but my first thoughts went something like this...who is watching the kids?  how am i going to clean up this mess of a house in 15 minutes before they get here?  do i have food to leave for their dinner and breakfast?  when is the last time i washed those sheets on the guest room bed?  can you even get to the guest room bed with all the junk i've been piling in there?

wait...i'm going away with my husband for the night??  he's got someone to take care of the kids??  who cares about the rest...let's go!!
i can not express to you what a gift this was to have a fun little getaway that required NO planning on my part.  all i had to do was pack my bag, hop in the car and enjoy myself...amazing.  

and not to make all you other guys look bad...but he already has mother's day brunch plans for us too...yeah - he's good.
{it was actually cool enough for breakfast by the fire this morning!}
i don't have a lot of pictures from this trip because my main objective was to relax and have a good time but you can check out my previous post about one of our favorite bed and breakfasts - kilburnie, the inn at craig farm or visit their website.  it is super convenient for anyone who lives in the charlotte area...and worth the drive {or flight} for anyone else!

joey's birthday is coming up in a few i better get busy coming up with a special gift for any ideas?  hmmm...maybe another trip to kilburnie.  what's the best birthday gift you've ever been given?