Monday, May 14, 2012

our rainy day rundown {and how to get your kids to eat healthy!}

before i entertain you with our rainy day shenanigans i wanted to reveal a little secret that i alluded to on a post last week.  here's how i've been getting my kids to eat healthier...

they don't have a choice

ok...that is partly true BUT...i know that as they grow up they will have a choice as to what they put into their bodies so rather than tying them to a chair and forcing wheat grass down their throat or 'sneaking' spinach into their smoothies i am choosing to
be completely honest
{there's a novel idea, huh?}
here's what that looks like...
oliver:  mommy, can i have fruit snacks {or marshmallows or dora yogurt or whatever other gross, artificial, over-processed junk i was feeding them a month ago}?  
me:  no buddy.  we don't have any fruit snacks.  mommy is learning all about the foods that are good for us and the foods that are not good for us.  fruit snacks don't help you grow and get stronger.  let's find something that is yummy and healthy.  how about a banana?
oliver:  will it make me strong like daddy.
me: yep sure will.
oliver: ok mommy.

{see how easy that was?  now watch how i switch things up a bit for the other one.}

lucy:  mommy are there carrots in this sauce?
me:  yes honey there are.  remember your body loves carrots and they make you grow even taller.  and remember how you love rapunzel's hair?
lucy:  will the carrots make my hair grow like rapunzel's?!?!
me:  you bet babe!  i can already see those curls getting longer and more beautiful!
lucy:  can i have some more mommy?

ok...i will admit it's not always that easy but i am being completely honest when i say that my kids have bought into our new way of eating WAY better than i ever dreamed they would.  i made a decision that this was what we were going to do because i believe it is best for our family.  i let the kids know about it.  i am educating them as i educate myself.  and they are totally into it.  i'm serious.  we 100% do have conversations like the ones i just mentioned on a daily basis.  we also have instances {like last night with the minuscule piece of broccoli that was on lucy's plate} when someone makes a gagging sound.  that's ok.  they don't have to like everything right now...this is a process.  

there are certain things that motivate my kids.  for oliver...he wants to be strong and able to smack a golf ball like his daddy.  for's all about the rapunzel hair.  and for both of them...positive reinforcement and feeling like that are a part of something mommy is doing goes a loooong way.  figure out what motivates your kids and work it!

here's what healthy eating looks like in our house on this rainy day...
chocolate pudding face!

licking that bowl clean!

who knew a delicious dessert could be this healthy?!
i found our healthy chocolate pudding recipe HERE {don't be scared of the avocados and is seriously so yummy!}.  i did use dark chocolate for mine.

i was also feeling inspired by one of my birthday gifts - a tortilla press from my mom {don't you love it when people support you in your healthy eating habits?!}.  so i followed the easiest recipe ever and made homemade corn tortillas.  this is so simple and something the kids can actually help with {you can use a rolling pin or your hands if you don't have a tortilla press}.  you can find all of these recipes and more on my healthy home pinboard.

i sauteed some leftover squash, zucchini, black beans and onion for mine.  spread a little bit of TJ's spicy bean dip on my hot tortilla.  tossed on the veggies and topped it off with a little dab of sour cream...delicious!

all this healthy eating provided us with plenty of energy to try of first 'practice' day of homeschooling {it was a success...more to come on that!}...

and of course run around pretending to be superheros and princesses. 

{yes...oliver is wearing a sparkly purple cape and an apron...but he's still tough}

we even had time to put together our summer book list.  i printed out these sheets with the pictures of the books so that they kids can help find them when we go to the library.  
what have you been up to this rainy day {or sunny one...depending on where you might be}?