Monday, May 7, 2012

a tough day at the office

the tiny {yet very much anger-filled} words that i heard as i closed the door to his room were - 'you are NOT very nice.'  what i wanted to do was fling the door back open and yell - 'you think THAT'S not nice?  i'll SHOW you not nice!'
i kept walking down the hall instead.  kept walking down the stairs and right over to the barstool at my kitchen counter where i knew i would find some truth words.  something to stop the racing of my mind...the pulsing of my blood.
i let the satiny ribbon laid inside lead me to the page.  the wisdom of a gifted prophet, a disciple who knew what it meant to be loved, and a man with a blindingly beautiful story were all wrapped up for me in these words...

   do not long for the absence of problems in your life.  that is an unrealistic goal, since in this world you will have trouble.  you have an eternity of problem-free living reserved for you in heaven.  rejoice in that inheritance, which no one can take away from you.
   begin each day asking me to equip you for whatever difficulties you will encounter.  the best equipping is my living presence, my hand that never lets go of yours.  take a light-hearted view of trouble, seeing it as a challenge that you and i together can handle.  remember that i am on your side, and i have overcome the world.  

i spent my morning traipsing up and down stairs to time-out and back, doling out consequences for disobedience and then offering forgiveness, chasing a naked 3 year old around the front yard, and cleaning up food that had been flung across my kitchen.  

now they nap.  and i might just take one myself.

i don't have much energy left after a morning like that.  just like with any job...there are days when you have to put in extra effort and work overtime as a mama.  you don't get paid 'time and a half' you just get tired.

today has been one of those days.  it's been hard work.  it's been a heavy weight on this weary body but then...there it is...
a light-hearted view.

i know where to go when the weight is more than i can bear alone.  i trade my weakness for his strength.  my burdens for his gentle yoke.  my unkind thoughts for his life-giving words.
and suddenly it's like i just took a week's vacation without even leaving my house...and i'm ready to get back to work.
{and it's a good thing...cause they will be up in a couple of hours!}
now for that nap...